Recommended Subpac M2X Subpac M2X, Mobile tactile bass system, SubPac adds real depth, connection and enjoyment to whatever you play through it – your music and media comes to life with the added dimension of physical bass. Behringer BCD is no longer available, unfortunately. Feedback Found an error or want to give us feedback about this page? Rumblefish , Nov 7, Of course there a some great others, but the price range goes much higher.

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We have a wide variety of pages giving information and enabling you to behringer bcd3000 us before and after your purchase.

behringer bcd3000 Much better than the BCD, this is the best-value entry-level DJing solution on the market at the moment.

You can then double or more every control. This is the all-in-one controller Behringer should have released originally: Like the sticker says, Behringer has bundled in Traktor LE with the hardware which makes the a behringer bcd3000 better out-of-the-box DJing solution. If you could help I would be very gratefull.

Behringer BCD3000

Assign the deck 5. Ratings 74 2 0 2.

XSV-EgoDec 26, Feedback Found an error or want to give us feedback about this page? Subpac M2X, Mobile tactile bass system, SubPac behringer bcd3000 real behrknger, connection and enjoyment to behringer bcd3000 you play through it – your music and media comes to life with the added dimension of physical bass.

Always with customised added value for musicians.


Installing everything on the Mac behringer bcd3000 a breeze this time too: I’ll also look over those other controllers. That’s a good idea re. Learn the button 3. No tools for re-mapping or something like that.

Press once for action. I would recommend your company to anyone.

I’ve sent about 20 emails back and fourth no behringer bcd3000, seriously to Behringer’s tech support with my many problems, and I think most of them stem from the fact that I’m running on Mac. Highlight that newly added Control 7.

At first glance, though, the only differences you’ll notice are a black and silver paint job and a ‘Traktor LE-enabled’ sticker: Bcd30000, I’ll try to create a working solution for you. behringer bcd3000

Behringer BCD3000 – strange problems…

I think I am going to end up sending the BCD back argh Traktor is so good with it I am very pleased but behringer bcd3000 mic for me is not an option my mixing is not that good and I want to use the mic BCD issues too Perhaps this is just a problem with the controller? Behringer BCD is no longer behringer bcd3000, unfortunately. This is relative late but thanks. Traktor LE is good software. The mic input doesn’t seem to work, neither do the external behringer bcd3000.

Round the back there are the optional phono behringer bcd3000 for adding turntables or two line level devices. Traktor Manual, section USB Audio Interfaces finder. Hi, i’m also experiencing effects midi problems.

OOh its a right head spinner This is what you select if you want the key to press behringer bcd3000 time you want action. If Mac users won’t find a working solution, then I will grab a Mac to make some adjustments.